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Database detach

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Re: Database detach

I would like to remote in and see your disappearing pad and zip files.  I won't bill you for it but I'd like to see it happen.  If you're willing to let me take a look at it let me know.  I can't promise that I can fix it since I've never seen anything like it but I'd be willing to give it a try.


Did you get a copy of one of the antivirus boot disks and run it?



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Re: Database detach

Wish you had suggested earlier--I've uninstalled all and starting reinstall when I get home. It was getting flakier to use each time I detached to open. No I didn't use disks, just the two scans. I'll check this laptop carefully when I return home tomorrow. Thanks again for your help. Current ACT is really overkill for my simple uses, but I've got 21 years of history in my database.