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Database can not be accessed (ACT7)

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Database can not be accessed (ACT7)

I'm using ACT7 to run a couple of shared databases.


One of them is working fine with no issues.


The other ones bring up the "databased can not be accessed, check firewalls, etc". This is the case even on the local computer. 


I've disabled firewalls/antivirus, restarted the server, checked actdiag and other possible causes listed on this page:


I've also created a new database and tried importing the information from one of the broken ones, but it says "Error in the application".


Does anyone else know what it could be? It's extra baffling because one of the databases is working fine.

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Re: Database can not be accessed (ACT7)

What version of Act! are you using (you'll find this in Help > About Act!).

Were all databases working previously, and stopped working at some point? Or are these databases from another location etc. and you're having trouble setting them up?

You're able to create a new blank database, correct?