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Database Table Capacity

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Database Table Capacity

I was trying to change the number of characters a field would allow from 10 to some number higher than 10 and I got this message:

Database Table Capacity

Combined field lengths have exceeded the maximum for the database table. Resize or delete other fields before increasing the length of this one.


I went and deleted some fields that I am not currently using and it seems to have solved the problem, at least temporarily. I just counted and I have a total of about 400 fields and about 1500 contacts. It seems like a database like this should be able to handle a lot more than this, but maybe I am wrong or maybe I can do some things differently to make more room for myself. Anyone know anything about how this works and/or any work arounds?




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Re: Database Table Capacity

You didn't need to delete any fields... you could have created a new one as large as you wanted.

The database tables have a specific character limit.... but if you create new fields that would go beyond that, it creates new tables to store them.

The error you go was because it can't move the fields between tables when you try to increase the field size