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Database Maintenance Error. Please Help!

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Database Maintenance Error. Please Help!

When performing database maintenance (check and repair) in ACT (v9) get message


"An error has been found. For this to be fixed a database lock will need to be applied would you like to repair the database?"


I click "yes" the database locks and nothing else happens.


I opened the ACT Diagnostics tool, chose check database and received an error page referencing details such as:


"Table error: Object ID 1394104007, index ID 1, partition ID 72057594059948032, alloc unit ID 71867483061420032 (type LOB data). The off-row data node at page (1:766), slot 3, text ID 108462080 is not referenced."


This same sequence continues several times. The only changes in the additional information is a change in data node page, slot No., and text ID.


I would copy it here but unable to cut and paste. If there is a suggestion on how to cut and paste I would be happy to supply the information.


Cannot perform repair or reindex from ACT Diagnostics.


Please help.

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Re: Database Maintenance Error. Please Help!



This is more likely a corrupted database.  To verify, try running the same steps on another database.  If you don't have another database, use the ACT! demo or create a new one.


If can try saving a copy of the database or save an empty copy + import (File | Save Copy As).


How to Create an Empty Copy of Your ACT! Database

How to Import Contact Data From an Existing ACT! Database into Another ACT! Database


If its a multi-user database, be sure to follow the link below.

How To Import a Multi-User Database and Retain the Record Manager in ACT!


Tuned Listener
Posts: 9
Country: United States

Re: Database Maintenance Error. Please Help!

Your advice resolved the issue. Thanks for you help.