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Data Loss when using Query Edit Mode

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Data Loss when using Query Edit Mode

I'm having a slight issue when using the edit mode after performing a query. There are times when I will click in a field and the data will disappear and be replaced with something else random. The field might say "Widget Description Here" and after the user clicks in the field to edit it changes to a random number or letter, or even transposes information from ANOTHER field into this field.


This only seems to happen in Query Mode, the contact and company cards don't appear to cause any changes, and each field is being tracked via History but the glitchy changes as described above do not report in the history trail.


I read somewhere, but don't have the link handy, that importing the database could cause funny things to happen. This database was originally in ACT! 2000, went to a CSV file where it was imported into ACT! 2009.


Any help anyone can provide is greatly appreciated, this error is just so random

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Re: Data Loss when using Query Edit Mode

Hello Aerospec,

Welcome to the ACT! Online Community!


I'm unable to reproduce the effect you have described (you mention it being random).  To see if this is particular to your database, open the Demo database and test with it.  Also, if this is a shared database - does this happen to everyone or is it a particular user having the issue?

Greg Martin