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DTF file issues from ACT6 to ACT10

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DTF file issues from ACT6 to ACT10

Issue 1-

I have recently switched from ACT6 to ACT10 and when the old dtf file database from Quoteworks was integrated into ACT10 by a certified reseller they were not reattached and are not being recognized even though it is directed to the correct folder path:

 Unable to convert the attachment 'j:\quotewerks\dtf\abc123.dtf': the file is missing.

In ACT6, all attached files were located in the Notes/History tab and now all newly created dtf files are linked under the Documents tab for reference. 

I contacted QW and they said this is an ACT issue that they were unable to assist with.  I would like to have all the thousands of files reattached at once and not have to reattach each one individually.

 Issue 2-(continuation of issue 1 possibly)

Under the opportunities tab, the pre-upgrade opportunities only have a non-specific opportunity number rather than the appropriately labelled opportunity name, that corresponds to the same entry in the History tab, which causes issues with identifing what exactly the opportunity is and issues with generated reports.


The reseller was not able to fix these problems.  Any suggestions would be much appreciated, Thanks.


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Re: DTF file issues from ACT6 to ACT10

Hello CDG_001 - welcome to the community.

This issue can be caused by a damaged V6 database or by the attachments being referenced with a '\\' in the original database.  If your original V6 database is still available, visit this link for instructions for running maintenance and reconverting it: "Unable to convert the attachment The file is missing." 


If the reconversion is successful, you can then export any changes from the originally converted copy into the new database.  For instructions on exporting from one database to another, visit this article: Best Practices for Import/Export


As for attaching documents, we have no automated way to do that - it would be individually.  Should you need to go this route, to help speed things up - the Act! program allows you to drag and drop files onto the Documents tab.  So you can open the desired folder and then drag/drop the appropriate files onto the Contacts' Documents tab.


I'm not sure I understand your second issue.  And to double check, are you running Act! 2008 (V10) or Act! 2010 (V12)?

Greg Martin
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Re: DTF file issues from ACT6 to ACT10

Thanks for the quick response, I am using ACT10 (V12)


I will try these and repost.

The second part, when a proposal is created in QW, it creates a file path under the documents tab and the proposal information under the opportunities tab, with the specified title for both.  But the opportunities existing prior to the conversion have lost their specified titles and are just numbers (example opportunity "50 widgets" is now "Opportunity 1435")