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Re: DPI Fix

Just an FYI, just in case those of you in this post have not tried the new version 18.1 to resolve the scaling, font, dpi issue...I recommend you try it. I am using a Dell 2 in 1 with a Hi Res display and went back to ACT 2011 after buying v17 Pro and it was a mess. Someone mentioned the other day that v18.1 was working for them on their Hi Res display so I took the risk and sure enough, so far so good. One thing to do is if you have been using the work around of checking the box in the properties pop up window to disable scaling, uncheck it. 

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Re: DPI Fix

[ Edited ]

If you are certain that you have applied all the necessary service paks and hotfixes for your current act version. If you have manually gone to the act website download center page and done this manually and you still have this problem,

You need to also Manually check for Windows Updates - start/programs/ windows update

then invest $50 bucks more and try this

Set your resolution back to default 100%

Uninstall your dpi fixer

and purchase

If you have already customized your layouts by adding new fields, you will need to do that again with the new BIG layouts.

Smiley Happy

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Re: DPI Fix

Did you find a resolution?
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Re: DPI Fix

Hi Bron,


What version of Act! are you having issues with?


A fix was included in Act! v18.1 to improve compatibility with high DPI displays.

If you're running an older version, you might find some success in applying the fix via this third party utility.