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Customizing Layouts

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Customizing Layouts

I am a new ACT 2008, Version user, going through the "Dummies" book. I tried to open the "Design Layouts" for "Contacts" and the window will not load completely - it stays white. Then the dialog box telling me the program is not responding comes up. This is very frustrating.

Can anyone tell me why this is happening and offer a solution?

Thank you!


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Re: Customizing Layouts

When you add fields to a database, the name designation is generally unique to that specific database and a layout created with one database will show the problem you have is you separately modify two databases even if you add the same fields to both. Where you want multiple database with the same design you should modify the first database and then make empty copies for the other databases then the layouts will work on all the databases. In your case, you can reconnect the missing fields by going into the layout editor and then double click on any field where the field box is blank and then chose the appropriate field from the fields list.
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