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Customizing Contact Screen

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Customizing Contact Screen

Is it possible to customize the initial contact screen to include the home phone number also (which is included in the Home tab).  I would like to have the home, work and cell phone number on the top portion.  I understand that the field is already on the home tab however I would prefer it with all the other numbers.  Also if I have in on the top portion of the contact screen and I enter the information there will it still be on the home tab?



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Re: Customizing Contact Screen

Hello Frank,


Pretty easy stuff once you know how.

Remember to always backup your act! database daily and before making major changes.



  Design Layout



I would then do a

 File  / Save As and generate a New Layout with different name.


Now you are working  with a new layout with your new name and you are ready to make changes to your new layout.


Locate the Tab / Fields you wish to re-position and basicly use the click and drag technique and drag the existing fields and their label name onto the ACT! main/top screen layout area. You can see how we did just that on our site at 


Cheers - FSB


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Re: Customizing Contact Screen

To answer your other question, a field can only be in one location at a time.  So, once you move it from the home tab it will not be there any longer.  There may be an add in that will let you have the same data in two places in the contact.  If it is possible, I'm sure one of the technical board members will come up with an answer.


Hope this helped.

John Purdy
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