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Customize Data Fields

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Customize Data Fields

Can I customize the data fields that are used in Act 2010.  I do not need all the fields and so I do not want to export blank fields and I want to add so client specific fields, Can I do this?  Is it difficult?


Thanks for the help

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Re: Customize Data Fields

Hello Geraldgg.  Quite honestly, this is a key feature of ACT.  It would be best to play around with a demo database before you spend a lot of time structuring fields then only determine later that you could have gone about it differently.


For example, I created a number of check boxes to build a profile of my cutomer, but then changed my mind and wanted to use drop down boxes.  A lot of time was spent creating the fields and then moving the data.  I am doing it on a case by case bais.


You'll find a lot of help on this board.  Make sure you spending some time searching. I bet you will find an exact answer to what you are looking for. 


I wouldn't worry about getting rid of fields.  It really isn't taking up that much space, and with the cost of storage so low, that shouldn't be a factor.  Now, moving some of the field around may be a different issue.  There you will want to get used to the tools menue and design layouts.


So, go click on tools and define fields and/or design layouts.  A hint about drop down fields.  You have to create the drop down list before you can set it as a field type.


Have fun learning how ACT can help you.



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