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Customize ACT! 2009 for real estate properties

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Customize ACT! 2009 for real estate properties

I am a commercial real estate broker who has used ACT! for several years to track buyers, sellers, vendors, transactions, etc.  My system has one major drawback.  I would like to be able to enter records for many real estate properties in my market, then link those records to contacts, companies and groups. 


Example:  I want to create a database of every hotel within my market area, with detailed property characteristics, sold dates, etc.  Then, I want to link these property records to the owner or owners of the property.  Some of my contacts will own many properties, and some properties have many owners, and I would like to link them.


I have tried to use Groups and SubGroups for the properties, but this is quite cumbersome.  I also tried to use Opportunities but could not figure a way to do this.


I would appreciate any ideas on how to approach this problem.



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Re: Customize ACT! 2009 for real estate properties

Here is a option;


Each Hotel Property record that you create is a Company record.

As you Add Contacts

 Use the ACT! Toolbar feature 


  Company Membership

    Add Selected To Company


Then when you goto a specific Hotel Company Record and look at your Contacts Tab

   You will see all the Contacts related to that Hotel Company.


Cheers - FSB




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Re: Customize ACT! 2009 for real estate properties

In a couple months there should be a release of 2009 for Real Estate.
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Re: Customize ACT! 2009 for real estate properties

It sounds like this is just the opposite of what he wants to do.  He wants a one-to-many relationship with one Contact (Owner) to many hotels (companies) - what you described was one Hotel (company) to many Contacts (Owners).  Any suggestions on doing the One Owner with many Properties scenario?