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Customization of Company Tree view

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Customization of Company Tree view

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Hi there!

As my Act! installation is in German,

I'm not sure I'll be using the exact English terms - but hopefully it'll work:I'm referring to the long vertical (and potentially hierarchical) list of company names in "Company" view (i.e. similar to Folders hierarchy in Microsoft Windows Explorer, if I may make this reference to explain ;-) ...), to the right of view the details of the selected company will be shown.


My question is if there is any way to customize this tree view in terms of which information (by default, i.e. currently, the company name, of course) is displayed here?In particular I'd be interested to have this tree view instead of only showing the company name, to show something like "<company name> | <content of another company field>".Is there any way or idea how to accomplish this?


Thanks in advance for your support!


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Re: Customization of Company Tree view

Unfortunately this is not possible.
Andreas Schlesselmann
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Re: Customization of Company Tree view

Maybe you need to ask a different question to the forum.


If I understand, you want to see the contents of a specific field listed when looking at a company record, not the detailed contact record.  This assumes that the field has been created (or exists) in the company view.  


I am assuming that the field has been added to the company view.  If so...

  • Go into the company view and look up the company name.  
  • Then add the field to the column display
  • Now you can see the specific field as part of a company lookup

Once you can see that field, the next question is what do you want to do with the information you can now see?  If it is specific information, would that cause the user to take action?  .


You can also do an advanced lookup if appropriate.


Or, if the specific field is only in the contact detail view, you can do an advanced lookup if you want to know which companies (and contacts) have specific information in a specific field...

  • In the contact view, start an advanced lookup:  Lookup >> Advanced Query >> 
  • Select the field name from the drop down
  • Select the operator (maybe contains or starts with)
  • Add to list
  • Do you want to save the list?  Depends if you want to repeat this exact advanced query again
  • Select Replace lookup on the Run Query Options 


Hope this helped.

John Purdy
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