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Customised Reports & tracking payments? Act pro 2013

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Customised Reports & tracking payments? Act pro 2013



A client of mine currently is keeping track of payments/fee's they have collected using a custom tab on the opportunities window, they wish to be able to mark certain fee's off as they go, the standard process involves Fee1, Fee2 & Fee3.  As they progres they need to keep track when each fee has been paid.    Is there any plausable way to do this? they have a custom tab which basically has amount of fee paid and dates of payment etc.


They would like to report on these custom fields etc. so they would like to see how many new enquiries they have in a date range, and how many of those have paid the first fee, how many have paid the second fee etc?


Is this at all possible? If so I'm guessing it would require a third party to setup these reports?  sounds that want to do with the figures is also not possible either? as it's not an accounting software per say.


Any feedback on this is greatly appreciated, thanks alot!

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Re: Customised Reports & tracking payments? Act pro 2013

How about using Opportunities?  You could create a process that had your fee schedule in it.  Stage one - Sign up, Stage 2 - Fee 1 Paid, etc.  Just the first idea that came to mind.  Some of my fellow ACCs will probably come up with better ideas.



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Re: Customised Reports & tracking payments? Act pro 2013

I just did a custom report for a client that has some very similar issues. I suspect that, as with my client, the database oppertunities would need some redesign to accomodate what they want in the report. My cliet is very pleased because a task that was taking 2-hours  to do has been reduced to about one minute to run the report. 


Contact me off line or via private message if you want more information.

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Re: Customised Reports & tracking payments? Act pro 2013

Thanks for the responses Smiley Happy


I will give you a message asap Roy, bit snowed under at the minute.  Do you think its possible then to get something made which will allow them to keep track of any fee's collected and report on those?  I know the opportunities can give you a broader view by adding products to it, however it doesnt really offer the functionality of marking fee 1 as complete, before progressing with the financial information in there, I think they really need an accounting package to run along side.


Will drop you a PM asap