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Custom fields disappeared....

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Custom fields disappeared....

Hi, I have written this in reply to another message that i had, but it didn't seem that it was going through, so i wrote it again.  I apologize if this is a repeat.  I am running 2010 Act!  I went to tools-> design layout-> and for a few seconds, my custom fields that i had previous designed and have used for months showed up.  Then the screen flickered a little bit and the custom fields disappeared!  When I went back to my contact views, the custom fields were gone in the detail view, but the info was in the list view.  What in the world is going on.


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Re: Custom fields disappeared....

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I suspect you have either inadvertently selected a different layout, in which case, if you are still in Layout Designer, click File (top left in the menu bar) and select another one, or, worst case scenario, your layout file has become corrupted (it happens).


If you are in the usual Contact Detail view, check that you have your custom screen layout selected from the layout selector dropdown (to the right of the blue menu bar).

I always do a "save as" at frequent intervals when doing big design changes to screen layouts just in case the one I'm working on gets corrupted, and always keep at least one copy of any custom layout, just in case.

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