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Custom activities

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Custom activities

When you schedule and clear a phone call activity, the "Last Reach" field in the Contact Detail view displays today's date. I'd like an incoming sales call to be a different activity. So I created it as a custom activity but I'd like it to also affect the "Last Reach" field.


As of now, of course, ACT recognizes "Incoming Sales Call" only as a custom activity.


Any suggestions?

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Re: Custom activities

The "Last Reach" field is hard-coded to be updated by a "Call Completed" result of the default "Call" type activity. Unfortunately, a custom activity will not be able to update that field. If you would like to see this added as a feature to an update or future version, please submit your suggestion as a Feature Request

Greig Hollister

Note: Effective 6/1/13, Sage no longers provides support for the Act! software. This is now provided by Swiftpage.

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Re: Custom activities

This question is within the same vein as the previous question but different in this respect.  I want to create a field that will auto update based on a custom activity being completed.  My senario is this.  I created a custom field called "service call"  I use this to schedule my techs to my clients/projects(Groups).  I also created a field called "Last Service" within the layout of Groups, which is where I keep my projects.  I want this date to be auto filled when a service call that is bound to any client/project is completed.  I can't find anyway to do this.  I know it's there because it's just like a completed call auto filling "last reach" but how to do it?  Any ideas would be very helpful.



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Re: Custom activities

Out of the box, ACT! won't do this. I suggest that you contact an ACT! Consultant to help you with that. It will require some custom development but not that much, or an add-on product with custom changes.  

Graeme Leo
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