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Custom Contact Record Types and Views

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Custom Contact Record Types and Views

Long time GoldMine user trying out ACT!.  I actually worked some with ACT! several years ago, but this version (Sage ACT! Pro 2013 Version 15.0.301.0) is a lot different.


So what I'm trying to figure out is if ACT! 2013 can do something that I used a lot in GoldMine - namely different record views for different record types.  For example, a database for an implement dealership could have a client contact record type and a tractor contact record type.  I know a tractor isn't a person, but the dealership may want to link documents to the tractor, track a history of service appointments, etc. on the tractor as well as just track a lot of different information on the tractor.  So in GoldMine there was a key field that was a record type field.  Changing that field between client and tractor would change the view of the record.  A client record had all the usual people info fields like address, phone number, etc. while a tractor record would have fields displayed like make, model, serial #, engine, etc.


I haven't spent a ton of time yet searching in ACT! 2013 but it's not immediately obvious and spending a little time search is coming up fruitless as well.  If anyone can give me any information or point me in the right direction to read up on it, I would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks