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Custom Call Logging (Question)

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Custom Call Logging (Question)

Dear users,


A massive thanks, in advance, for anyone who can shine light on this...


ACT! for Workgroups 2007 (9.0)


This is my first time using ACT! and unfortunatley I have found both the helpfiles and a 'For Dummies' book I bought either overcomplicated or not specific enough (always the way isn't it). Smiley Sad


I'm sure what I require is easy enough: On a daily basis my team will receive and make x-amount of calls to 'patients'. All I need to develop is a system that will record a few bits of info relating to each call and then once the call ends, write that to history.


For example: A call comes in (user selects INCOMING from CALL TYPE drop down), after a few seconds they establish the type of call (user selects SALES from a CALL TYPE drop-down), after the call the user records the outcome (SALE MADE selected from an OUTCOME drop-down). Now, all that information is written as a history entry.


I don't think it will make much difference, but there will be about 10 field drop-downs, all of which will need to be recorded per call. How should one approach this?


(I'm aware that individual fields can be written to history when something is entered in them, but the way I see it, if I use that approach I'll have ten seperate history entries per call. Does that make sense? call type = incoming, write to history, etc. Thats not what I want. I then thought what if I could make a totally custom 'opportunity', but I dont think that's going to work because it doesn't look like you can alter EVERYTHING about an opportunity, just some fields.


Any ideas?.. as I said, I'm SURE this must be common. Have a great day! Smiley Happy

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Re: Custom Call Logging (Question)

For the attention of anyone else who ever encounters this, here's what I did...

(It's very 'McGuyver', but it works):



Create a 'Last Call' field, wich is a date/time feild.


Step 2) 

Create an Excel workbook with drop-downs for each option (call type, outcome, etc).

Write a cell formula that will concatenate the drop down selections into a string.

Write a macro that will copy the string to clipboard and then exit excel without saving.


Step 3)

Make the 'Last Call' feild automatically run the XLS once it has been populated with a date and time.

NOTE - ACT! wont run .xls, but it will run .ink - make a shortcut to the XLS and link ACT! to it Smiley Wink


If anyone can solve my problem within ACT! then thanks, but seeing as this thread has over 20 views and no solutions I'll consider myself a genius for the workaround, and I'll consider ACT! a waste of money. Smiley Sad