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Custom Activity Types

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Custom Activity Types

When I am in the Activites tab and I want to schedule an activity - I right mouse click and the option to email is not available. So I followed the instructions in help and created one. But when I go back to the Activites tab and try to schedule - "email" does not appear. Please is someone able to help tell me what am I doing wrong? We are still running Act v8. Thanks in advance.
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Re: Custom Activity Types

I assume you created the activity type using Schedule|Manage|Activity types  ?


Go there and select to edit your new activity type (email).


now make sure the checkbox labelled "active - allow new activities of this type" is checked.


When you right click in the activities window select  Schedule|Other


In the new activity window that pops up click on the activity type drop down menu and select your new type of activity.


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Re: Custom Activity Types

In regards to making custom activity types. I am having a problem perhaps someone can solve this.


In order to search history on a particular "Type of call" for example Prospect Calls. I created my own custom activity called Prospect call.


The problem is that I have discovered that the "last Reach" and "Last Attempt" will not record the successful completion of any custom Activities. It only works with the original "Call"  


So I am give the option of being able to set up so that I can search the number of Prospect calls I made within a set period, however then I do not have the ability to know when I last contacted them unless i input the data 2 x.


1x as my custom "Prospect call" and then 1 x as a completed call.


I don't understand why the "Last Reach and Last Attempt Fields" are not being updated when you have created a custom call activity  which clearly has the same outcome as the standard "CALL".



Any Ideas ??



Or is it me.


I am using ACT! by Sage Premium 2008 (10.0) (ST Edition) Version, Hotfix 1





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Re: Custom Activity Types

One of the worst things you can do in creating a custom activity is to use the same outcome for more than one activity. Basically what you are trying to do won't work and it will cause other activity and history problems.
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