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Creating unique call activities

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Creating unique call activities

Is it possible to create a new *call* activity without having it classifed as *other* activity? I have several specific types of tasks that I have to report on. While the task is basically a call, it's a type of call.  For example, Follow-Up Call, Prospecting - Call, Inital Call, etc...


When I create a new activity I can only create an *other* type.  So, when I look at my dashboard it shows, calls, meetings, to-do's, other.  All my work/tasks are in the *other* colmn. 


Is there a way to create an activity that is classified as a call or type of call and I can see that today I made 20 Prospecting Calls, or 10 Follow-up calls, etc...

This question also is not just in regards to calls, it would be for a meeting, to-do also.


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Re: Creating unique call activities

Creating a new activity type will categorize them under Other.  As a possible workaround you can add new entries to the regarding for Calls.


Please submit a feature request to be considered in a future version -


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