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Creating system fields?

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Creating system fields?

Is it possible to create or modify an existing system field of the 'Last X date' kind, in order to have a field that is automatically populated with the last date of ocurrance of an activity I have created for a certain company?


I would like, for example, to have a field that tells me the date of the last sale that was made to a company, according to the history of said company.

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Re: Creating system fields?

While you can't create a "System Field", it would be possible for a programmer using the SDK to create a field that's automatically updated in the way you want
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Re: Creating system fields?

If you are looking at completed sales, i.e. Last Sale, one option is to link ACT! to an accounting software such as QuickBooks. Then display in a tab the summary financial information applying to that customer, such as in the image attached. 

The image shows part of the overview sub-tab in our Xact Link for ACT! and QuickBooks.


From a workflow and data management perspective it is better to display live information from the source of the data directly in ACT!, in this case the accounting software QuickBooks, rather than pull the data into ACT! and analyse it.    



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