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Creating contacts from companies

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Creating contacts from companies



One thing that has always frustrated me about this feature is that several key fields do not copy across to the contact record, such as ID/Status, Referred By, Fax & Phone to name but a few


I appreciate some people may not want all of this information to be pre-poulated but it would be nice to have the option, as you do with the Primary Fields on the Conact level


If anybody has any idea as to how this can be achieved I really would appreciate some feedback


Thank you in advance


Keith Wilson

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Re: Creating contacts from companies

You need to link the company and contact fields.  Once you do that, creating contacts from company will bring over the data.


How to Manage Linked Company and Contact Fields

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Re: Creating contacts from companies

In our ACT (APFW 2009), we've created a County field. Anytime you create a contact from the company, the county doesn't get copied over. Half of the time the county is the same for the contact as the company, so it would be helpful if it were brought over. If we linked these fields per your suggestion, the county would be overwritten every time we update linked contacts from the company menu. Is there no way (besides linking) to bring all the company information over 1-time only??
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Re: Creating contacts from companies

An older post, but in case someone stumbles on it like I did. This linkage is only one way for many data fields (Address, Phone, etc). Updating these in Company will update all linked contacts, but if you create a company from a contact, these fields will not carry over.