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Creating and editing templates in MS Word

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Creating and editing templates in MS Word

I'm using ACT 2008 and MS Word 2002.  My assistant created and edited several new ACT templates which work great and save a lot of time.  Here's the problem!  The ACT Merge Field List suddenly vanished and now will not display when we have the ACT template open in Word.  ACT is still in the tool bar at the top of the Word screen, but clicking on the field list does nothing.  I've done all the tasks listed in the knowledge base articles and I've even un-installed and reinstalled both Word and ACT.  Can anyone help me?
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Re: Creating and editing templates in MS Word

I had the same problem using Word 2007, it was my antivirus software causing the problem. I use ESET and it was caused by my personal firewall.


I had to set it so it filtered traffic for both POP3 and HTTP ports, once I did that no problems since.


Hope it helps.