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Creating a unique identifier for contacts

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Creating a unique identifier for contacts

Good afternoon,


I know ACT! attaches a GUID to each contact created but is it possible for us, as end users, to leverage this field? For example, I need to export a lookup, do some stuff in another app, and import that data back into Act! I don't want new contacts created, I just want to update the existing records with the updated data from the other app. This will mainly be used for scrubbing the contact fields, postal address standardization, phone number formatting, etc.


Using Act!'s GUID or a manually created unique identifier seams to be the only way to ensure the correct records get updated without creating new records.It seems like the data is already there, I just need a way to extract it.





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Re: Creating a unique identifier for contacts

itImport has a function to auto number the records and can then use this to properly merge the data back