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Creating a specific report

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Creating a specific report

Hello all, 


I hope someone can help or advise.


I have a group in Act Pro 2011 called 'Agents' which I have sent around 7 emails to through Swiftpage. I now want to create a report, or a lookup that will show me all the 'agents' that have not opened up a single email i have sent. I use the marketing tab and click search all email campaigns then do a keyword search on contacts, or groups or current lookup and it either gives me a 'record exceeds search limit' which I dont understand as there are only 438 contacts in the group and there arent going to be that many that havent opened a single email, or i get an 'object reference not set to an instance of an object' when i click on selected group, or if i search the current lookup it give me contacts that i can see have opned up at least one email - STRUGGLING!!


I was hoping that i could create a search or lookup on the swiftpage imported result and it would give me a list of only the people that havent opned up an email.


Where am i going wrong?


Thanks in advance

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Re: Creating a specific report

Before I answer this question fully, what are the constraints that you're putting into the Keyword search?

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Re: Creating a specific report

Hi Tony,

Although you have only 438 contacts the count is based on the number of results.

This could be 2 or 3 Histories from each Contact so the result would then exceed the 1K limit.

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