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Creating a "one-way sync" from Outlook to ACT

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Creating a "one-way sync" from Outlook to ACT

Hi - How do i go about creating a one-way sync from Outlook to ACT Pro 2014 within ACT? We only want the NEW contacts added to Outlook to sync with ACT, not every contact, because not all of his Outlook contacts right now are business contacts - We also do NOT want synchronize ACT with outlook - Just one way sync from Outlook to ACT, and only new contacts created from here on.


Any help would be appreciated - thanks!


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Re: Creating a "one-way sync" from Outlook to ACT

Companionlink Express or Pro ( will do this.


Depending on which version of ACT! you are using, the built in ACT!/Outlook sync is either 2-way or 1-way, but the 1-way is only ACT! to Outlook.

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