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Creating a Professional Stationery Template

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Creating a Professional Stationery Template



I have been trying to create a stationery template for my company for quite some time. We would like a standardized document that we can send out to clients via email. We would like to include the company logo in the top left corner with office information underneath. The picture has been giving me the biggest issue. Everytime I include the jpeg or rtf image in the template it never shows up when I email. The few times it has show up it is small and blurry. I have used both ACT! Word Processor and Microsoft Word.


Nothing seems to work but I know this can be done. It seems like it should be such a simple task to create a stationery template. Can anyone give me any help or advice?


We use ACT! Version 10.0.2 (for Financial Professionals) 2008


Thank YOu

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Re: Creating a Professional Stationery Template

I too have grown increasinly frustrated with the seeming lack of tools within the template creator.


Some tricks that I did find.  When using the template for e-mail, you need to ensure you use character positioning to insert the image.  Fixed positioning doesn't work anymore.  PNG's don't e-mail at all, they just get left out.  The only image type that I have found to be supported is a gif, yes, you lose some colours, but it isn't blurry.


If you're going to use any other format, then a bmp also works, though some blurriness is introduced. Just make sure it's 32bit.


It seems like other images are resized when they are imported into the template and lose some of their clarity there.  The gif that I was using was resized, but a little smaller and they do seem to retain their detail even when resizing them within the ACT tempate.


Hope this was useful, sorry it's 3 months late.