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Creating a Lookup by Selecting Subgroups

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Creating a Lookup by Selecting Subgroups

I am a struggling Act! 10.0 (2008) user.  I have some 4,800 contacts in a database with 28 groups and 79 subgroups.  Within one group, there are 19 subgroups.  I have no problem creating a lookup for this group inclusive of all 19 subgroups and then exporting to Excel.


Issue is I want to select about half the subgroups in this group, for a new lookup to then export.  I've tried Advanced Query and searching by a group name, but no luck.  I  figured it would be as simple as right clicking to highlight the subgroups, selecting Group, Create Lookup and creating a custom lookup.


Only option I see is creating a lookup for one subgroup at a time, exporting to Excel and then merging all the Excel files into one master file....slow.


Any suggestions?

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Re: Creating a Lookup by Selecting Subgroups

There is no query facility in ACT! that goes across entities, in this case Groups and Contacts. While SQL has the capacity it hasn't yet been made available in the ACT! application yet. A work around could be to use a spare field to flag records. Go through each group and do a Lookup and then use Edit | Replace Field to mark all the records in each group and finally do a lookup of all records that are flagged.  

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