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Creating Group based on scheduled activities

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Creating Group based on scheduled activities

Is there a way to creat a group based on upcoming activities. More importantly I want to creat a group that shows contacts with no activities scheduled to make sure nothing falls through the cracks,




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Re: Creating Group based on scheduled activities

To add contacts to a Group based on upcoming activities:

- create a Group (with no contacts added)

- using filters on the Task List, narrow down the list of activities to the date range you desire

- right click in the Task List area and select 'Create Lookup' > it will create a Lookup of the contacts involved with the activities that were displayed

- on the Contact List screen > highlight all of the contacts in the list

- right click in the highlighted area and select 'Add contacts to Group' > select the appropriate Group


There is no direct way to determine which contacts do not have an activity scheduled for them.  As a 'one-time' process, you can do the following:

- on Task List > show all activities

- right click and select 'Create Lookup'

- now on the Contact List, use the Edit > Replace Field option to populate an unused field (ex: User Field 10).  Give it a value denoting an activity exists.

- the Replace Field option will update only the contacts listed in the Lookup.

- since these will now have the field updated, you can do a Lookup on that field where it is Empty.  The subsequent list displayed will be contacts that have no activity scheduled for them.


Before running the Replace Field feature, I highly recommend making a backup of your database (File > Backup > Database option).


Greg Martin