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Creating Custom Headings to Import Contacts

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Creating Custom Headings to Import Contacts

I'm trying to import an .csv file of contact information that includes a lot of custom information (and data).  I can't find a way to change the column headings that I can import this data into.  I saw the option to import a mapping file but I don't know how to create one.  Any hints on how to change those column headings would be great.



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Re: Creating Custom Headings to Import Contacts

Which version of ACT?

In ACT 2007, and I assume later ones will be similar, at step 5 of the Import Wizard, there is the option of whether or not to use a predefined map. If you choose Not, you can map as you go. You then get the option later to save that map for future use. Note also the first record of your Import should have the headers.

Do you have the custom fields already defined in your Contact detail layout?


Hope this helps.