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Create new remote database

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Create new remote database

My boss wants to create a new remote database. We have almost 4000 contacts in our current database. He is starting his own company and we will be using about 200-300 of those contacts for this new company. We want to focus solely on these contacts and synch this new database to outlook and his Palm instead of synching all 4000 contacts from the current database. I would really like to get some step by step instructions on how to set up a seperate remote database. I don't want to have to call our ACT consultant as we feel that he bills us for everything without actually teaching us how to use ACT. I want to learn how to use it so that I don't need to call him for every little change. So if someone could please refer me to how to do this, I would appreciate it. I know I can copy the database and then delete the 3500 contacts that we don't need. I am just not sure of how to set up the remote portion of it. Also, would I be able to remotely access both databases or just the new one that is being set up.
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Re: Create new remote database



One of the most cost effective ways to get up to speed with ACT! is to get a copy of the Quickstudy guide.  They are very easy to follow along with and you can use the Demo database to practice with as to not do any damage to a production database.  They are priced way below an hour of consultant time and you can go at your own pace.  I can understand your sentiment about wanting to do some things for yourself but this is actually one of those areas where a consultant can provide good value.  Knowledge of both Sync and networking is essential to getting sync configured properly.