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Create a Number for Each Company

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Create a Number for Each Company

I want to number all my companies; I have a huge project that requires me to research certain items of each company in my act database. Unfortunaly, each time I do it I sometimes end up spending time on companies I have already completed. I feel if I were to number the companies then I could say, today I'm doing 1-20 tomrrow 20-40, and then it won't over lap. Also Is there a way to auto generate a number each time a new company is created?

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Re: Create a Number for Each Company

What I do is either create a dedicated field (Tools | Define fields) called "To be cleaned" or I use one of the user fields (USER 1, USER 2, etc).


  1. I do a lookup of all,
  2. List view
  3. Then Edit | Replace field
  4. Replace the contents of "To be cleaned" with the text "Not clean"
  5. Now create a group with a dynamic rule to include all where the "To be cleaned" field equals "Not clean"
  6. Then as I have time I simply open up the group, do a look up and clean away, 
  7. Each time I've cleaned the record, I blank out the field. This removes it from the group. 

This way I don't keep doing records I've already done. I'm equally sure there are a number of other ways to do this. Smiley Happy

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Re: Create a Number for Each Company

DesignR1's Swiss Army Knife might let you auto number.


Exponencial has a field calc tool, that could probably do it to - although don;t think it "fires" auto-magically...


If you have TopLine Designer, it could be scripted...


All that said, previous suggestion would work nicely...