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Counting Matching Values within a field

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Counting Matching Values within a field

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I have created a lookup of records that have an initials field containing the staff member handling a our cases.  There are 7 staff members and I would like to build a summary report within ACT.  


I would like to count how many times the letters "BL*" (Starts with) appears in the staff field. There are 7 different letter combinations that I need to count and I would like to display these in one report.  In this same report I would like to display the same count except adding the additional filter that the date field matches a certain month.  so the report will look something like below (the look up is filtering records for the fiscal year).


ACT Pro 2011. Single User.


Is this possible and if it can be done I would like to know how much you might charge to create this report?


Please email or respond to this post.


Thanks. Rob Schieren Canada.


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Totals for the year:

Totals for Jan:

Totals for Feb:

Totals for Mar:

Totals for Apr:

Totals for May:

Totals for Jun:

Totals for Jul:

Totals for Aug:

Totals for Sep:

Totals for Oct:

Totals for Nov:

Totals for Dec:

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Re: Counting Matching Values within a field

I could build such a report with the ACT! reports but it requires extensive Visual Basic script programming. I've actually built report templates with similar requirements including some of the oppertunity reports added at ACT! 2010. Send me a private message if you're interested in more information.

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