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Could this be simplified?

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Could this be simplified?

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I don't see it,  but can anyone direct me to a simple workaround for a "personal database" I've created that has date fields for "anniversaries, bithdates. spouse's birthdates, mulitple childrens' birthdays, and death anniversaries"? 


I want to have the fields "alert me" of these future events 10 days before the event.  I am not going to make a scheduled activity for each event.  That would be ridiculous!  I won't waste my time doing that with every contact.  Each contact might have 5-7 different dates.


Any ideas hmmmm????? Obviously, field properties don't have anything like this. It might be set to an annual event, but what the heck does that do?  It's a nice looking box(the annual event box),  but why can't it pop up, say, within 10 days of any of these events?



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Re: Could this be simplified?

It would be wise of Sage to make a version of this product that is scaled back and quick to learn.  I appreciate you want to build a product that can do anything for everyone; now can you build a product for people that's quick and easy to learn?  Years ago, Symantec had a solution with Q&A - now the mousetraps been so built out I can't learn how to use it unless I dedicate big time to it or pay someone to teach me.  My career should not be about how to use your program and you shouldn't charge your customers to help them figure it out.  Used to be you bought software you got a manual with it.