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Corrupt drive damaged database

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Corrupt drive damaged database

Pardon me for asking, since I'm sure the answer is out there somewhere, but I've spent hours already today, and days over the past month, on ACT! problems.


ACT should charge for the product forums and use the money to fix their program.


I had some drive corruption and now I cannot open my database.  ACT either says I don't have permission to open the database or that it's in use.  I trield deleting the PAD and opening it in the diagnostic.  When I use ActDiag, the database doesn't appear in the list and I cannot attatch it sing tools>attach.




Sage ACT! Premium 2012 Version, Hot Fix 5 (Normal Use)

Sage ACT! Premium 2012 14.0.572.0 Hot Fix 2 (For Importing Contacts)

Win 7 Pro SP1 x64

Outlook 2010 x32 v14

Durkin Impact Business Suite V4.2

Exponenciel Automatic Field Calculations v8.5

Company Wizard v1.1.1.20

Duplicate Wizard v4.0.5.51



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Re: Corrupt drive damaged database

You state there was drive corruption... what steps were performed after that? Did you get a new drive and move the database?

If yes, attempt to open the database by:
- delete the PAD file associated with the database
- open Sage ACT! using 'Run as administrator' (right-click icon > select 'Run as administrator' > attempt to open database using ADF file
Greg Martin
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Re: Corrupt drive damaged database

Thanks.  I restored an old backup to resolve the issue.  New problems, new thread.