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Corrupt Email addresses from backup disk...

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Corrupt Email addresses from backup disk...

Hello all,


I am quite new to this. I backed up a database from act (sure it wasv3) onto a disk. Now I have installed v11 and have imported/loaded data. I mapped the fields ok and think these are right. Although, I am seeing corrupt data in the email field which is one of my most important fields. Most of the otherfields came out fine. How do I solve this without finding act 3 which seems to be impossible? The new act version is on a new machine- I dont have access to act v3 or the old machine.


Many thanks in advance- let me know if the message does not make sense.

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Re: Corrupt Email addresses from backup disk...

Download and install ACT! 6.0 trial.  Restore the ACT! 3.0 database in 6.0.  Ensure the data is correct. Then run database maintenance using the KB below and convert the 6.0 database


How To Acquire the Trial Version of ACT! 6.0

How To Use The ACT! Data Diagnostic Tool (ACTDIAG) to Scan and Repair a Database

How to Convert an ACT! 3.x - 6.x Database to ACT! by Sage 2009 (11.0)