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Copying field data to note field?

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Copying field data to note field?

I would like to copy my field data (all of it) to a note before I merge files, just in case the merge goes bad.  Thoughts?


Maybe export the data into an excel file, combine into a single field, and import it?  Is there a better way?




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Re: Copying field data to note field?

I'm glad to see that you were wanting to backup the fields before making the changes!  Excellent best practice.


2 possible options:

1. Performing a backup of the database (File > Backup > Database).  If the merge is not as expected, restore the backup.


2. Use the File > Save Copy As option to create a copy of the database - perform the merge in the copy of the database to verify the results.  If they are as desired, use the updated copy of the database as your new main database or perform the merge on the original database.




Greg Martin