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Copying a database issues with SQL and old versions of ACT

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Copying a database issues with SQL and old versions of ACT

I recently tried installing an old version of Act 9.0 on my laptop, which failed to work, so I proceded to uninstall. I then downloaded a trail version of 12.0, which I have been working on and have created a database with a customised layout. I have tried to save a copy of this, so I can load it onto my PC, but it seems to keep failing to save, with some wierd error message about SQL.


When I have gone to look at the original location of the databse, it seems to be sitting in a folder marked ACT 9.0, so clearly the uninstall of that did not work properly.


I am now at a loss as to what to do. I have only entered a handful of records, so am not worried about the data, but I spent hours working on the layout, and I want to ensure I do not lose it. How can I safely and accurately copy the layout across, including all the customised fields onto my PC.


Also, if anyone has any advice how I can completely remove all trace of ACT and SQL from my laptop, so that I can start from absolute scratch, that would be awesome!!!



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Re: Copying a database issues with SQL and old versions of ACT

Hello Questeds,

Welcome to the Act! Online Community!


Can you tell us the process you were using to backup your database?  Were you using File > Backup Database or manually trying to copy/paste the database files...


What is the error it gives?


The uninstall of Act! 2007 (V9) would have left behind it's Preference files, that is why the database location is folder 'Act for Windows 9'.  If the error message can be resolved, I wouldn't worry about the database location too much.


Should you want to continue with removal of the Act! and SQL programs, here are articles with instructions for doing so.  I would go through these steps after uninstalling using the Add/Remove Programs option and you will find many of the items listed have already been removed:

Manually remove Act! 2010: KB Article 25179

Manually remove SQL Act7 instance: KB Article 23401


Greg Martin