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Copy template of subreport

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Copy template of subreport



I am making a custom report for my company. I want to make a report with Notes and activities.


Is there a way to copy a subreport? I want to use the subreport of an other template. But i cant copy it or copy only the subreport.

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Re: Copy template of subreport

At the report editor level you can't copy from one report to another. At the report XML code level it's possible to do a limited amout of copying from one report to another. However trying to copy an entire subreport from one report to another even at the XML code level likely wouldn't work because of mismatches of internal links.


There is a third party book with comprehensive training information on the ACT! reports, here is the link.



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Re: Copy template of subreport

Perhaps you are too far down the path for this to help this time, but perhaps in the future:


What if you were to make a copy of the report that had the sub report(s) you wanted in it by opening it and saving it to a new name.


Then cut out the pieces you don't want, keep the stuff you do want and customize the rest as needed?