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Converting sage line 50 accounts 2009 to act 2010

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Converting sage line 50 accounts 2009 to act 2010


i have a new job and have just been given sage line 50 and act 2010 to use.  i have used neither before.  basically, my company is a factory making engineering components.


people call, we quote - via line 50 and they either :


come back and order

we chase them up (opportunity)


is there some function that when i make a quote in sage that i can import that as a opportunity in act?


for example, if i quote 'dave' at company x for some products in sage, can't i use act to track and monitor that opportunity?


is anyone else in the same business?  how are you guys setup to handle this?


thanks in advance,


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Re: Converting sage line 50 accounts 2009 to act 2010

Hi Andy,


I work for a company called Internetware, based in Newcastle. In answer to your question, there isn't a function in Sage that allows you to import this information into Act, however we actually sell a product called Connect that does enable this import of data. Basically Connect is a piece of middleware that would provide a secure datalink between your Sage and Act software, automatically importing any quote made in Sage and turning that into an opportunity in Act. 


If you would like to speak to someone about this in a bit more detail, give us a call on 0844 357 3803 or alternatively if you send me your email address I can get a brochure across to you.


Hope this is useful