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Converting Templates from TPL to ADT

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Converting Templates from TPL to ADT

I am using "ACT! by Sage 2009 (11.0) Version, Hotfix 1" and MS Office 2003.  I receive templates prepared by a corporate group, but they come in the form of .tpl files.  Is there a way to easily convert these .tpl files so that I can use MS Word as my editor or do I need to recreate the templates they provide as .adt files?


Thanks in advance for your help.

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Re: Converting Templates from TPL to ADT

Hello bsa492,

Welcome to the ACT! Online Community. Unfortunately, there is no conversion process. You wold need to do it manually with each template:

- Open the .tpl and copy the entire contents

- In ACT!, go to Write>New Letter/Email Template

- Paste the contents you copied

- Delete the fields links copied from the .tpl file and replace with ones for your new .adt

- Save the template as and .adt

Greig Hollister

Note: Effective 6/1/13, Sage no longers provides support for the Act! software. This is now provided by Swiftpage.

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Re: Converting Templates from TPL to ADT

Thanks, Greig, for both the welcome to the community and the response.


Your suggestion is the only way that I can see to do it, but it also appears that the only way to accomplish this is to:

1) Open each of the templates that I want to convert in ACT (Write->Edit Template) and copy the contents to another word processing type of file (e.g. MS Word).

2) Change the word processor preference (Tools -> Preferences -> Communication (tab)) from "ACT! Word Processor" to "Microsoft Word..."

3) Create a new template file for each one, copy/paste from the file created in #1 above, update fields and other edits, save.


I don't see any way to directly copy from the TPL file to the ADT file, without going through an intermediate storage.  Since I have about 50 templates to convert, I was hoping that there was something simpler.  I don't see any way to open a template directly from Windows Explorer or anywhere else outside of ACT.


Is there any way to "turn on" a capability to get a "Save As" file type of ADT when editing a .tpl file?  Or to be able to "see" and edit .tpl files while the word processor preference is set to Microsoft Word?  It would seem the capability should be there or is very close to being there.





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Re: Converting Templates from TPL to ADT

You might consider this, it allows more of a batch process method.


Open each TPL template and highlight the body text and export it to and RTF file.

In ACT! change the preferences from TPL to ADT for the word processor.

Use the letter template (or a custom version of it) and insert the body text from the RTF file.

Do a Save As to save the new template.


I find that htis method streamlines the conversion of a large number of templates.

Roy Laudenslager
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Re: Converting Templates from TPL to ADT

[ Edited ]


I know you are THE Report guru, but I can't figure out your procedures . No Can Do.

I admit I can be dense at times, but instructions like; Use the letter template, doesnt seem to work for me.

Can you please provide more detail step-by-step instructions for dummies?

For now, my add-on product will continue to use the ACT!2010 TPL....  Cheers- FSB


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Re: Converting Templates from TPL to ADT

Did you get a simple answer to this?  I am trying to do the same thing and having the same problems.  Very frustrating.  So frustrated with the problems of the old ACT prgrams, upgrading to find new problems....

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Re: Converting Templates from TPL to ADT

Hi Rodeoqueens.


No, there does not appear to be a good solution to this problem.  My bigger issue is that I work with an umbrella organization that is "stuck" in the old format (TPL).  They provide templates for us to use, but they are all in the old format, which means that I cannot use the capabilities of Word when working with the templates or sending mail from ACT, unless I convert them. 


ACT would be much more useful to me if it would allow me to edit an existing template and save it in either format, just by changing the document type at the bottom of the save window OR if ACT would allow selection of the template, regardless of the format, when sending mailmerge, or other functions off that menu.  Obviously, the software to support both formats is available, but you must make a static choice in preferences, instead of the software making the choice dynamically as a template is chosen.


Oh, well....


Good luck!