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Converting Opportunities to Orders (MAS200 Link)

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Converting Opportunities to Orders (MAS200 Link)

Is there any solution for creating an order in MAS200 from an opportunity in ACT! for an ACT! contact that doesn't already exist in MAS200?  More clearly, is there a way to create a MAS customer record from an ACT! contact record without having to manually enter the MAS record?
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Re: Converting Opportunities to Orders (MAS200 Link)

A Smith,
You must have the Customer in MAS before using the Opportunities to Orders feature. 
In ACT, create a Company from your Contact. This will then take you to the Company Detail... go to the Accounting Links tab.  In the grid area, Select the Company & Division and manually enter a unique Customer # (especially if you have a specific business rule for Customer # formatting), then click on the Create MAS Customer.
The information from the Contact & Company demographics will now transfer to MAS...(HINT check the parametersunder Tools!)
Then Refresh Current Company.  Then select the Opportunites to Orders and select which Opportunity (ies) from the grid and choose Skip/Quote or Order.
It will process through and enter in the S/O in MAS.
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