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Converting CLY file?

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Converting CLY file?

I have just converted from ACT 2000 to ACT 2009. I had a custom CLY layout in 2000 that does not load in 2009. Is there a way to covert the CLY file so it will work in 2009?
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Re: Converting CLY file?

You do that at Tools | Convert Items.
Roy Laudenslager
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Re: Converting CLY file? From one ACT! database to another

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Dear Roy: If anyone knows about such an ACT! Add On or method, you probably do.  Is there already a way make a CLY contact layout file from one database usable by other databases?

In the old days of ACT! 2 - 6, a CLY file can be used by another ACT! DBF database as long as the field names match.
In ACT! 2005 (7.0) through 2016, if MyContacts1.ADF uses MyScreen.Cly, it cannot be used by MyContacts2.ADF because fields are different behind the scenes.  For example, the City field in MyContacts1 may be City_246810, and City in MyContacts2 could be City_1356911.
I am about to make a utility that would make the necessary changes in the .CLY file (XML format).  Would this be "re-creating the wheel" or a useful utility?   It will get the name of the field from the first database, without the trailing digits, look up the field name in the second database, and change the digits accordingly in the CLY file.
Rick Shaddock, PhD