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Converting ACT 2000 ===> 2007 Issues

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Converting ACT 2000 ===> 2007 Issues

I have been using ACT2000 on a file server for 8 years with five other users. We share the data on this file server with no special MYSQL software or similar programs. Recently, we upgraded to ACT 2007, under the belief that we could continue under the same file sharing setup, just having to convert the database. But we are having issues: I installed ACT2007 on my workstation. When I try to convert the existing database, I get the following error message: "Directory lookup for the file "G:\Marketing\DATABASE\ACT 2007\Contacts_Database.ADF" failed with the operating system error 3(The system cannot find the path specified.)". It seems it wants to put the file on my c:\ workstation, which would make it impossible to share with the other users. We are using WIN XP on the workstations & WIN NT as the file server software. Is there something I missed in the installation process or did not understand I cannot just as easily share the files as we did before? Thanks for any help.
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Re: Converting ACT 2000 ===> 2007 Issues

ACT! now uses SQL, which means it needs to be installed on the server.
You should also do the conversion on the server