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Conversion to V11

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Conversion to V11

Trying to convert an ACT 6.0 database to ACt2009 and have the follow problem. Not sure of the easiest way to fix it. The error I get is "exceeds the allowed length". The error is happening because somedody has copied parts of emails in the email message "Type". Is there a way I can change the number of characters allowed in this field? If not I will need to go through each record to check for this.


Any help would be great


Thanks, Nic


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Re: Conversion to V11



You would not normally be able to paste to this 'Type' system field, it sound more like corruption.


Have you tried repairing using ACTDIAG?  This is a utility you will find in the ACT directory under Program Files.


You often have to run 2 or 3 times. If that does not work create a new empty database and then sync to it. This often removes non allowed data.



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Re: Conversion to V11

I had the same error message when attempting to convert my Act6 database to Act2009 last week. In my case it was complaining about the length of a notes entry. If I manually edited the note to below 256 characters then the conversion would continue until the next long note. I gave up on this as we have many such notes. (There is no such limit on the length of notes in Act2009!) The only solution I found, was to choose the option to copy files rather than link to them in the conversion utility. <-Sorry, I don't remember the exact terms used. This converted my database without problems.


Hope this helps