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Continuous Alarm possible? ACT! 2009

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Continuous Alarm possible? ACT! 2009

Is there a way to make an alarm for an activity ring continously until I manually press snooze? Right now, it rings for a bit and then stops after 5 seconds but I want it to keep on ringing until I tell it to stop.


I know this was a feature in the old versions of Act.

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Re: Continuous Alarm possible? ACT! 2009

The alarm pop-up should remain active until you click Snooze. Is this not the case? If you are wanting an alarm sound to play for longer than 5 seconds, you can adjust that settings by doing the following:

- Go to Tools/Preferences, click the Calendar & Scheduling tab, and then click Scheduling Preferences

- Click the Customize Alarms button.  Here you can choose a sound file to play and set the duration.

Greig Hollister

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