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Contacts vs companies

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Contacts vs companies


I want to import my contacts from excell, can you only import into contacts?

If the company only has one contact, why do you need to use the companies bit.

Also why are some of the contacts underlined.

Sorry, questions, questions, questions.


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Re: Contacts vs companies

Good morning Sally and welcome to the ACT Community Forum.


Why companies vs. contacts? 


First of all, ACT is a contacts centric CRM; however, most contacts work at a company.


There will be information that you will want to keep on the company that may or may not apply to every contact.  For example, I sell products, and I have a tab created in the companies view that shows me their product profile. 


Regarding the import, I am reading into your question below that your records are all contacts that have a company name too.  Import the contacts with as much information as you can, including the company name.  As you get used to using ACT you will begin to see the benefit of creating companies.  The good news is that from a single contact, there is a click to create a company from the contact.  Then you link the other employees to the company. 


While you have multiple contact records for each company, there will only be a single company record for all the contacts. 


You don't have to decide on how to handle compaies at first.  It can be done later.


I think the best way is to import the contacts, start using the system, then return here and search the forum when you think to yourself, "I wish ACT would ... ". 


You will find yourself using it first as an address book.  Then you will begin to schedule activities.  Then you will keep up with opportunities.  There are a lot of options.  ACT has matured to the point that it is very flexible.


Return here often and search on topics of interest or just look at the daily posts and read.


While I consider myself an advanced user, I am not an engineer.  If you have a very technical question, you will be happy to knjow that many of the forum members are engineers and have solved almost any problem that you may discover.


Good luck with ACT.

John Purdy
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