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Contacts Screen Size Change

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Contacts Screen Size Change

I am running ACT Pro Version 17 Windows had a major update on Aug 8th. When I started my computer on Aug 9th, it took over an hour for it to update. Since then, all my screens in Act and on Google and other Apps are now smaller. The Contacts screen is about half the size I had it set to prior to the Windows Update. All the Tabs like "Notes" "History" "Documents" etc are about a size 7 font. Previously they were set up a size 9. All the columns I had set up under "Notes" "History" etc are all off. I worked w/HP (Hewlett computer manuf) and they just changed the "Display" settings from 125% (Recommended to 150%). It was just a big distorted icons on my desk top and font change on apps. They re-installed the "display driver but nothing changed. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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Re: Contacts Screen Size Change

Hi labeldoc,

It sounds like your display scaling settings or display resolution has changed.
You could try lowering the resolution, or adjusting the display scaling to a setting that suits you.

There is some more detailed information in the following Knowledgebase article: