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Contact field tab function

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Contact field tab function

I have my contact fields set up the way I want to, but now the tab fucntions are all screwy.  What I mean is, Contact is first.  I fill in the name then hit tab to go to the next field, which for my setup is title, and it jumps to Company instead.  Then to title, then to Company website, which I have listed as 2nd in the 3rd column.  Can I somehow edit the properties of each field so that I can determine which field it will go to next when I hit tab?



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Re: Contact field tab function

You can use the Layout Designer to reset your tabbing order.  With the layout designer open, select View > Tab Stops > Show Tab Stops.  You can then reassign them in the order that best suites your workflow. 


We recommend that you make a copy of your layout before making changes and then editing the copy (you can then select it as the layout for your Contact Detail screen).


Here is an article with steps for working in the Layout Designer: KB Article 15332


Greg Martin