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Contact detail page sizing photo's

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Contact detail page sizing photo's

I want to add photos of all my contacts in their existing files. I can add them but am unable to adjust the size of the picture. Anyone know how to do adjust the photo so they fill the space.


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Re: Contact detail page sizing photo's

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Do you want this to be an automatic thig and you'll be using a lot of photo fields in the future? or are you just trying to get pictures of your clients into the database and that'll be it?


There are several addons to help deal lots of photo fields. have a look at for a list of them.


Within ACT, go to the layout designer. Press F4 to open the properties window.

Click on the picture field for your contact and look over at the properties window.

There you will see a listing called "behavior" click on it's entry and a drop down will appear. Here you can select normal, auto, stretch, center, or zoom.

Experiment with these to see if they will give you the behavior you want.



Outside of ACT, if you just want to modify the photos themselves:


Use a free photo editor like irfanview.


First, figure out what size p[icture you need. Look in the layout editor and open the proprties window (f4)

Now click on your photo field and see how large it is in pixels.


Install irfanview from (freeware)

open up your photo there and either resize it or crop it to the size you need.

Now it'll work fine in your database and you have a new very powerful yet free picture viewer as a bonus.


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Re: Contact detail page sizing photo's

You might also try, in the Layout editor, changing the Behaviour setting in the properties for the Picture field
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Re: Contact detail page sizing photo's

Just a clarification to this post -- I chose the 'auto' as I figured that meant "automatically adjust the image.' What that means is 'automatically change the size of the field'.

The 'stretch' option is what you want if you are trying to automatically resize the image to fit in the box you created in the Layout Designer.