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Contact Report problems/ field problems with Act 2009

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Contact Report problems/ field problems with Act 2009

Hi everyone, ive been a long time lurker and my month trial with acts customer service just ended and my biggest problem to date just started.

I use Act 2009 for a local realtor company. I thought I could use the full power of the program by changing the User fields in the contacts information to other fields that I need for my work (example: lockbox, married, photos, ect). The only problem is that once I did this I noticed the field next to it was grey and I was unable to type anything unless it was in the User 9 field which for some reason did work.  If anyone knows how I can fix this, or maybe get an original template off the web, because when I called act a week ago they were unable to help me.


Now here is my biggest problem. Before this happend I was able to click on Report and choose Contact report. This would be the document that I would print containing all the information on a client. Now when I click on Contact report it prompts me (in the define filters) for which who I want (current contact, current report, all contacts) I always choose current contact, now when I do it it just opens a Contact Report print preview but no other information is on it. How can I fix this?


I thank anyone with ideas or advice in advance.

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Re: Contact Report problems/ field problems with Act 2009

When you are running the Contact Report, in the Define Filter dialog box:

General tab: All Contacts, All Users

All Other tabs: define users, contacts, date range

If the contacts do not have any Opportunities, then uncheck all items on the Opportunities tab


For the fields:

Check Field Level Security for those fields under the Tools/Define Fields menu and make sure they are Full Access

Also, see if you have the same issue if you create a new field

Greig Hollister

Note: Effective 6/1/13, Sage no longers provides support for the Act! software. This is now provided by Swiftpage.